Top Quality Alxa Gobi Agate

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Agate's effectiveness

  • Agate is one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism 1. It has been used as an evil spirit and amulet since ancient times
  • Helps eliminate stress, fatigue, turbidity and other negative energy
  • Place Agate under the pillow to help with stability Sleep
  • Agate cornucopia can demagnetize and charge some water Quartz accessories
  • Children who are studying will be particularly smart, flexible, well-behaved, strong in learning and adaptable if they are exposed to water-carrying Agate.
  • Wearing Agate with water can strengthen your affinity, be flexible and versatile, and help your career growth
  • Red Color's Chalcedony can improve endocrine and strengthen blood circulation
  • Help remove sexual square obstacles, improve sexual performance and avoid infertility
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    Natural crystals are formed over long periods and under complex environmental conditions, undergo intricate processing stages. Consequently, nearly every piece of natural crystal jewelry may exhibit minor imperfections. These unique characteristics, such as internal cracks or small mineral inclusions, are inherent to natural crystals. It is challenging to guarantee 100% perfection. Please consider this carefully before making a purchase.

    • According to human energy principles, it is recommended to wear crystals on the left hand to maximize their benefits.
    • Regular cleansing is necessary to maintain the optimal condition of your crystals.
    • Remove your crystals before taking a bath is recommended
    • Using salt water for cleansing is NOT recommended.
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
    • Lending or giving away crystals that you have worn is NOT recommended