Ametrine Pendulum Pendant

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SKU: ATP11930V

Material: pure copper, hypoallergenic material

Golden chain buckle Can be detached and used


Combined from Purple Quartz and Yellow Quartz, Pack contains the effects of two kinds of water Quartz. Ametrine can bring financial luck and enhance interpersonal relationships, bring job opportunities and unexpected wealth, and is suitable for people who are engaged in the creative and sales industries.

Pendulum is a very useful tool for asking questions and divination. Pendulum is an amplifier that can help guide and influence Pendulum's movements by inviting collective consciousness and higher self to help us make simple intuitive judgments.

Using Pendulum's Square method

  1. When operating, first meditate to clear your mind of distracting thoughts and calm your mind
  2. Grasp the thread or chain connected to the Pendulum with your hand. The best distance between the holding position and the Pendulum is about 15-30 cm. Ask the Pendulum to hang down naturally and remain still.
  3. Ming the question in your mind and watch how the Pendulum moves.
  4. Note that when using Pendulum to ask divination, you can only ask simple questions, because Pendulum can only indicate three meanings: right or wrong, good or bad, and uncertainty.
size: approximately 70x15cm
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Natural crystals are formed over long periods and under complex environmental conditions, undergo intricate processing stages. Consequently, nearly every piece of natural crystal jewelry may exhibit minor imperfections. These unique characteristics, such as internal cracks or small mineral inclusions, are inherent to natural crystals. It is challenging to guarantee 100% perfection. Please consider this carefully before making a purchase.

  • According to human energy principles, it is recommended to wear crystals on the left hand to maximize their benefits.
  • Regular cleansing is necessary to maintain the optimal condition of your crystals.
  • Remove your crystals before taking a bath is recommended
  • Using salt water for cleansing is NOT recommended.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Lending or giving away crystals that you have worn is NOT recommended