Opal, a word derived from the Greek "Opallos," means "to see a change of color." Opal is the only gemstone today that can display rainbow-like colors, boasting an exaggerated beauty. Unlike most crystals, opal has an amorphous structure composed of tiny spheres stacked in an orderly arrangement. When light enters the gaps between the crystalline spheres, it causes light interference and diffraction, exhibiting a rainbow-like optical effect known as "Play of Color."

What is "Play of Color"?

"Play of Color" is the most crucial indicator for evaluating the quality of opal. The highest quality opals display a spectrum of rainbow colors. In the "Play of Color" phenomenon, red is the rarest, followed by blue and green, with other colors depending on the harmony between them. Generally, the more colors an opal exhibits and the brighter those colors are, the higher its value. Opals with high luster and rare patterns are extremely precious and highly sought after.

The Legend of Opal

In ancient Rome, a politician named Nonius owned an opal that displayed rich rainbow colors: the vibrant red of a ruby, the deep blue of a sapphire, and the lush green of an emerald. Despite owning countless jewels, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra had never possessed such a gemstone. Her lover, Antony, plotted to steal the gem to win her favor. To protect the stone, Nonius fled Rome overnight, abandoning his homeland for a gemstone—this gemstone was opal.

In the Qing Dynasty of China, Empress Dowager Cixi owned many opals presented by Westerners. It is said that she wore a ring with a black opal on her ring finger, which would change color with her emotions. Court officials would often gauge her mood based on the opal's color changes. After her death, this ring became one of her burial items. Later, her tomb was looted, and the opal changed hands many times.

Benefits and Uses of Opal

Inspires Creativity

Wearing opal helps inspire creativity and imagination, bringing breakthrough and innovative thoughts and ideas. It can enhance personal abilities and talents, boost execution skills, and is a gemstone that promotes career luck and attracts wealth.

Brings Love

Wearing opal helps bring out one's inner charm, attracting those who appreciate inner beauty and fostering more positive encounters. It also enhances romantic luck and popularity, increasing attractiveness to the opposite sex, bringing opportunities for love and eternal romance.

Enhances Personal Abilities

Opal helps cultivate a broad vision, an open mind, and refined taste, enabling the wearer to propose unique strategies and execute them effectively.

Care Instructions

Avoid Strong Impacts

Remove opal jewelry during physical activities or when moving items to prevent damage from external impacts.

Avoid Contact with Sweat and Chemicals

Prolonged exposure to sweat can damage the crystal structure. Avoid contact with acidic or alkaline chemicals. Remove opal jewelry while swimming, soaking in hot springs, or exercising.

Do not use ultrasonic cleaners on opal jewelry;

Do not expose to high temperatures or sudden temperature changes to prevent damage;

Gently wipe with a clean, soft cloth;

For frequently worn opal jewelry, store it in a soft cloth bag or jewelry box.

Purification Method

Use a white crystal cluster or selenite for purification. It is recommended to place the opal near selenite or a white crystal cluster every night before bed for optimal purification.

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