Hypersthene, known as the "Stone of Fortune" in ancient Egypt, was a lucky stone owned by royalty and nobility. It has the effects of warding off evil, preventing disasters, and attracting wealth. Today, an elegant Hypersthene bracelet can complement various outfits, making one look dignified and adding personal charm. The shiny black Hypersthene, under light, radiates with silver streaks and metallic luster, also known as Silver Line Stone and Purple Hypersthene.


Hypersthene and Health

Hypersthene, meaning "super strength" in Greek, is beloved for its ability to enhance vitality and restore energy. One of its significant effects is to dissolve negative energy, improve mood, and provide a sense of security to the wearer.

Hypersthene corresponds to the Root Chakra, which governs vitality and corresponds to the adrenal glands and circulatory system. It helps eliminate fatigue, relieve back pain, and sciatic nerve pain, making it especially suitable for those in creative industries, long hours at computer desks, or those who overuse their brains. It helps them relax and restore balance after work.


Dual Benefits of Wealth Attraction and Protection

Black symbolizes water, and water can gather wealth. The sparkling Hypersthene with its golden sheen has a powerful ability to attract wealth, making it ideal for those in retail, trade, sales with commission-based roles, and corporate managers. Hypersthene can clear negative energy, bringing calmness and peace. Whether you want to advance your career or develop your business, it can help you achieve success with half the effort.

Hypersthene's notable protective abilities make it suitable for medical personnel, paramedics, lifeguards, professional drivers, police officers, firefighters, and high-altitude workers. Wearing Hypersthene can safeguard and ensure their safety.

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