Dendritic Jasper

Dendritic Jasper was formed 470 million years ago. It is also called Ancient Living Stone Painting. The mineral elements within it weather to form various patterns. Different strata and lithology create diverse patterns and colors, giving Dendritic Jasper a unique cultural significance.

After being polished, the stone naturally reveals delicate, rustic, and beautifully layered landscapes. These landscapes may depict dense ink paintings of mountains and rivers, exotic flowers and grasses, ancient trees and pine forests, streams and waterfalls, high mountains and lakes, all with remarkable lifelike detail. Some stones exhibit light and elegant brushwork, while others show bold and colorful, abstract expressions. Even master painters would find it difficult to replicate these patterns, as they are masterpieces of nature, each one unique and impossible to duplicate. Because of this, Dendritic Jasper has been cherished by collectors both domestically and internationally and has even been presented as a national gift to foreign governments.

In addition to being a decorative stone, National Painting Stone also has the benefits of calming the mind, warding off evil, and protecting the home.

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