Charoite, is a newly discovered mineral, belonging to the high-grade stone category. It was discovered by a Russian mineralogist in 1978 by the Chara River. This rare and unique purple gemstone is formed due to specific pressure, geothermal temperature, chemical components, and physical conditions. The high alkalinity of nepheline syenite mixed with limestone creates its unique, vivid purple color with white spiral lines, giving it a very distinctive appearance.

Benefits of Charoite

Focus and Stress Relief

Corresponding to the crown chakra, it enhances spiritual strength and wisdom, bringing inspiration and creativity. It helps improve concentration, relieves tension, and calms emotions, making it beneficial for studying and exams. It can also help children sleep soundly and improve conditions like bipolar disorder.

Health Improvement

Charoite can transform negative energy in the body into healing power, especially revitalizing tired and exhausted bodies. It helps regulate blood pressure, relieve cramps and pain, and soothe liver function damaged by alcohol. It is beneficial for the eyes, heart, spleen, and pancreas.

Brings Joy and Wisdom

It helps eliminate mental confusion, see the truth clearly, avoid being deceived by appearances, and gain true knowledge and wisdom. It can also eliminate sharpness and sarcasm, bringing warmth, compassion, joy, and a spiritually humorous outlook.

Care Instructions

Avoid Strong Impacts

Remove the crystal during physical activities or when moving items to prevent damage from external impacts.

Avoid Contact with Sweat and Chemicals

Prolonged exposure to sweat can damage the crystal structure. Avoid contact with acidic or alkaline chemicals. Remove the crystal while swimming, soaking in hot springs, or exercising.

Purification Methods

Use white crystal clusters or selenite for purification. It is recommended to place the crystal near selenite or white crystal clusters every night before bed for optimal purification.

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